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Products and Services to be used in AM Broker Review

Participation terms:

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Forex Brokers Review Writing

When you are writing forex brokers reviews or comment piece, you will need to offer your own opinion as a trader or partner (Introducing Broker or Local Representative). Forex Brokers Review and commentary writing tend to be a piece of writing in which you offer your personal opinion about a forex broker, about AM Broker in this situation. Your own personal knowledge will make your conclusions count. To demonstrate how much you do know about AM Broker, you will need to support your points with valid reasons.

A Forex Brokers Review:

  • focuses on strengths and weaknesses
  • uses evidence to support ideas
  • draws a conclusion, saying whether something will be useful for, or interesting too, its audience and purpose
  • gives a personal opinion with confidence and authority

For more information read our How to choose a forex broker article.

Like all text types, forex brokers review writing has certain fairly fixed conventions (called 'genre conventions'). A good way to get used to these is to analyze an existing review and to use it as a 'style model' or example for your own writing.

Below is an extract from an example of forex broker review (can be used for AM Broker review also). Alternative, you can use other forex broker reviews available internet. To find them type "forex broker reviews" in google and choose some of the websites on the main page:,,, or More specific you can use Investopedia's forex brokers review methodology.   

These are the most popular evaluation forex brokers reviews categories:

  • Trade experience
  • Trading technology
  • Usability
  • Mobile
  • Range of offerings
  • Research and news
  • Portfolio analysis and research
  • Customer service and online help
  • Education and security
  • Costs

These are some of the typical conventions that are being used in a forex broker review:

  • the forex review opens in a lively way to state the trader's or partner's opinion
  • there is a use of direct-address ('you') combined with a question aimed at engaging the forex trader
  • alliteration helps emphasize a key phrase
  • references to other well-known reviews about AM Broker, for example, helps the reader's understanding
  • writing techniques such as a metaphor create vivid imagery that helps engage the reader and also emphasize the writer's positive view.

Fake AM Broker Reviews Examples (Not Accepted)

Forex broker reviews are all over the internet. If you type in the name of a forex broker and include a search term that asks for a review of that broker, you are likely to get hundreds of results. However, all forex broker reviews are not created equal. There are reviews that are written simply to sell a forex broker’s services to the public. These are usually written by affiliates who may get compensation for the service. There are also reviews that are written specifically to de-market a forex brand. Such forex broker reviews are usually paid for by competitors of the forex broker in question. Either way, the reviews do not help forex beginners looking for a broker to do business with because they do not provide an accurate rating of a forex broker.

#1 Fake Valforex Review

Once you enter the "review", you'll notice some interesting facts:

  • products and services were not tested (live trading, copy trading service, deposits and withdrawals, and so on) as there is no evidence of a live test and just copy/pasted text and images from website with some negative comments, that are the same for all the brokers in their reviews.
  • the trading platform is reviewed as "not compatible to certain devices" and "easy to hack". All traders know that MetaTrader 5 won two awards in both the "Best FX trading platform" and "Best multi-asset trading platform" categories during Finance Magnates London Summit Awards 2019. These awards set MetaTrader 5 as the industry standard and represent an acknowledgment of contribution from the industry as a whole. MetaTrader is the best forex trading platform in the last 20 years and it is offered by 90% of the top brokers in the world today.
  • the review page is full of links to different websites promising huge returns from mining or crypto trading, including abusive exit popups promoting Binary Options gambling, which is under the FBI loop and banned by the most reputable regulators in the last years.

#1 Fake ForexBrokerz Review

Once you enter the "review", you'll notice some interesting facts:

  • products and services were not tested (live trading, copy trading service, deposits and withdrawals, and so on) as there is no evidence of a live test and just copy/pasted text and images from website with some negative comments, that are the same for all the brokers in their reviews. Right in the header, their affiliate brokers are recommended:

  • Visitors can submit reviews using the form they provide, but surprise, reviews are not published. Just test them with a positive review and you'll get the idea. 

Our advice is to stay away from these types of websites that attract visitors with fake reviews about brokers in order to redirect them to some affiliates or "get rich fast" schemes. 

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