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We explore a wide range of investing-related topics to help investment professionals identify emerging trends in the global financial markets.

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Here are all the different types of investors and analysts who use AM Broker proprietary research

Private equity

These are funds that invest in private companies of varying sizes, often with an eye towards streamlining operations and improving performance before “exiting” by way of a sale that gives them a good return.

Hedge funds

These have “high net worth individuals” and big companies as investors in their funds, which they typically use to invest in publicly traded companies. They use proprietary research to get a pulse on the market before a company holds its quarterly earnings call.

Investment banks

Wealth managers conduct primary research to publish reports that increase their visibility and credibility. They can attract more customers—mostly individual investors—by displaying their knowledge about markets and investment opportunities.

Institutional traders and investors

Investors get very valuable signals from these studies before they make crucial decisions. Whether they're interested in earnings surprises, aggregate growth estimates or technical analysis, they're confident our research will provoke new investing ideas.

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