Hi. We're AM Broker

Our Story

After more than a decade providing liquidity to institutional traders and hedge funds, we were looking for a new challenge.


The 2018 retail expansions are the result of a simple observation: traders and investors have transformed how they consume information, research financial products and services, decide to trade and share their experience, but brokers have not adapted. We’ve started from the idea that brokerage should be reinvented. The reality is most of the online trading and investing business is based on the procurement of databases, sending spammers and harassing potential clients by phone.


The problem is that there is a huge mismatch between how brokers are marketing and selling their products and the way people actually want to inform and buy: real brokerage means to attract not to disturb, to help not to harass, to react and act promptly to provide customers what they want, even before they know what they actually want.

Our Mission and Vision

The real challenge was to democratize institutional trading - Prime Brokerage For Everyone - without investing millions of dollars like big banks. A long term project meant to offer complete solutions to all people interested in financial services: online trading, asset management, robo-advisor, and partnership programs.


Our role is to help retail clients capitalize on the opportunities trading and investing provides. We help them fulfill their short to long term strategic goals by giving access to multi-assets and institutional grade liquidity in one single trading account from any device and operating system. What we are responsible for doing is really ensuring that we understand what traders and investors objectives are, and what their needs are, in order to pull the right markets, services, strategies and whatever they need together, to really deliver that to them.

Our People & Organizational Culture

We help our clients find trading and investing perspective, and leverage financial markets both on capital appreciation and steady income side. We also coordinate with our trading desks worldwide, as well as money managers and local affiliates, in order to deliver the whole service to our clients and to our partners’ clients.


At the core of what drives us is one simple phrase: “Solve For The Customer”.


We pride ourselves on attracting and retaining traders with HEART. We strongly believe in honesty and transparency. To offer a client-oriented environment is our top priority and this is evident in the product we create, the support we provide, the way we promote and sale. We really do fill a strong connection with our clients and I think we do wonderful things for them.


We re really just looking forward to continuing to work with our clients, grow our relationships with our partners, develop as a company and really take this trading and investing business to the next level.


Success as a broker is making those that believed in you successfully. We will work passionately in these years to come to make you successful. Thanks for joining us on this journey.