Start your business with AM Broker and join hundreds of successful entrepreneurs from all over the world! Franchising is when a company (Franchiser) provides another company (Franchisee) with a licensed privilege to use the company’s business model and brand for a fee. Become our Franchisee and get your own profitable business! We will provide you with a working business model, advertising and technical support and other instruments to make your business successful.

How Does it Work

1. You become a Franchisee and receive the company's successful business model

2. You attract clients

3. Clients register on the AM Broker website through your office, website and or/events. Additional, your independent income sources may be:
    a. Income from Consulting Services

    b. Income from Client Training

    c. Income from Money Management 

4. Clients place trades with AM Broker via MetaTrader 5 for desktop, web, and mobile

5. You receive a commission for every trade client make (Revenue Share)


- Several income opportunities: commission from clients trading, consulting services, money management, training, and many others. 

- High level of positive brand recognition

- No limits to the profit you can make

- Complete package of services: training, advertising, software, support, personal page on GC website

- Access to all AM Broker services

- You can create your own partnerships network

Requirments To Become a Representative

- Comply with international regulations

- The office must be branded in accordance with AM Broker style and culture

- You can attract clients and provide customer service only in accordance with guidelines we will provide you during the training.

- Franchisee must ensure a proper working environmen

- Proposal for a franchise is not a public offer


Our Support

- We will provide individual counseling and training to our franchisees

- We will provide technical support to your clients

- We will provide you with trading software

- You can attract clients through your own representatives

- We will provide you with all the promotion materials