Introducing Broker

Introducing Broker - it is the possibility for the active internet users and networking people to join a setup business on favorable terms and without investment. It is the first level of partnership, which doesn't require special knowledge in financial markets. In order to start a collaboration with our company, it is enough to have any internet resource (site, blog, forum, a group in social networks and others) or networking resources (communities, events, friends, and others), through which you will attract clients. In this case, all the promotional material and support will be provided by the company for you. This type of partnership is designed so that it lets you obtain a high reward on par with serious partners of the company.

How does it work

1. You become an Introducing Broker and receive a unique Referral Code and marketing/sales materials.

2. You attract clients

3. Clients register on the AM Broker website through your unique referral link.

4. Clients place trades with AM Broker via MetaTrader 5 for desktop, web, and mobile.

5. You receive a commission for every trade client make (Revenue Share) or a one-time payment based on the first deposit (Cost per Aquisition).


- AM Broker has the largest partners' commissions in the industry – up to 2.000$ CPA or up to 50% Revenue Share

- Work with a trusted Forex&CFD broker.

- Flexibility to control your client’s trading conditions (spread levels).

- No initial investment is required.

- No limits to the profit you can make.

- You and your clients receive access to all AM Broker services.

- You do not need to provide your clients with any assistance – we will provide them with high-quality support and services.

- You can expand your partners’ networks all around the world.


Multilevel Partnership

You can profit by attracting not only clients but also sub-partners. If a user, attracted by you, will become an AM Broker partner, you will also receive up to 10% from his/her profit.

- Level 1 - 10%

- Level 2 - 1%


Our Support

- Transparent partners’ statistics in the Partners Room

- Promo materials, including banners, guides, courses, or dedicated Landing Page on an AM Broker subdomain (e.g.

- Working strategies to attract more clients.

- Trainings and assistance.