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Interested in controlling how much you can earn? Find the partner program that’s right for you and start your business with AM Broker!
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Introducing broker
Promote opportunities trading and investing with AM Broker provides and earn money every month for successful referrals.
Local representative
Work on behalf of AM Broker in your city as a sales representative, trainer or analyst and be in control of how much money you can earn.
Open an AM Broker office in your region using a succesful business model, advertising materials, technical support and retain most of the revenues.

Anyone can earn

You are an experienced trader

Earn from your recommendations; tell your colleagues, friends and students about the opportunities trading and investing in global markets with AM Broker provides.

You have an online following

If you have popular social media groups, blogs about trading or a YouTube channel, share information about AM Broker's special offers and earn from doing so.

You have your own website

Post an advertising banner about AM Broker services or content, including video and receive compensation for each client referred.

You have a local office

Work on behalf of AM Broker in your city/region and get an increased partnership reward with additional income from courses or consultancy.

Revenue Streams

We offer various partnership schemes to suit your individual preferences

Revenue Share
Up to
50% of your referral’s revenue
  • The largest revenue share in affiliate marketing you can find
  • A fixed percentage of the total customers’ fees per referred customer
  • The commission is credited after each operation is completed
Up to
$2.000 per introduced client
  • The largest cost-per-acquisition in the affiliate marketing industry
  • A fixed amount per referred customer
  • Monthly payment and transparent client management
Multilevel Partnership

You can profit by attracting not only clients, but also sub-partners. If a user, attracted by you, will become an AM Broker partner, you will also receive a certain percentage from his/her profit.

Transparent Management

Monitor your earnings in real time! Our dedicated Partner’s Room provides data on introduced clients, performance reports and summaries to give you transparency on commissions earned.

The best instruments for attracting clients

Banners rotation system

Increase clicks with eye-catching banners available in the Partner’s Room. Create your own and post them on your website, blogs about trading and investing or social media.

Landing page generator

Create a drag&drop lead page in minutes for free. Publish as responsive HTML5 landing page on your personal sub-domain on our website.

Dedicated promotions

Generate leads and increase commissions with customized promotions and investing offers. From annual interest to bonuses, all you need to convert traffic into leads and customers.

Personalized gifts

Exclusive engraved products to create a luxury trading experience with a personal touch. With complementary from our top suppliers.

Easy to use tracking

Track your earnings in real time with our dedicated Partners Room that provides data on introduced clients, performance reports and summaries.

Personal account manager

Multilingual dedicated support to provide guidance as you grow your revenues as an AM Broker partner.

Become a Partner

AM Broker teaches you how to market and sell, and gives you the tools to do it.

World class services

Hundred of partners cannot be wrong — they have chosen AM Broker for access to opportunities across thousands of financial markets!

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