Money management

The money-managing system brings investors and traders together, allowing investors to earn on the Forex and Stock market without trading on their own and managers to receive additional income through efficiently managing investor funds.

Connect with successful managers or become one yourself

All trades made by the manager are reflected proportionally in the investors' accounts.

What are the main features

  • The manager needs to invest his own money into PAMM/Social Account.
  • The manager can not access investor's funds. However, the predefined performance fees that are earned by the account manager are automatically withdrawn from investors’ accounts.
  • Profit or loss are divided among investors/followers on a proportional basis.

What are the benefits

Manager Accountability and Responsibility

One of our requirements for money managers is that they have some of their own money invested in their accounts.

Account Transparency and Reporting

You can access real-time reporting on your account manager's performance in the AM Broker. You can set up your own risk parameter.

Flexibility with Deposits and Withdrawals

You can make a deposit or withdraw money from your account at any time at the daily rollover. No charges.

You don’t have to be a successful trader to succeed at trading if you can identify a professional to trade for you.

How does it work - Example

Step 1 - Getting started

Experienced trader 1 opens a PAMM-account, deposits it and becomes its manager. He invests his own $5.000, publishes the offer and waits for investors.

Investors 2, 3 and 4 learn trading history and money manager’s offer and consider them to be a lucrative investment. Investor 2 deposits into the PAMM-account $1.000, investor 3 - $10.000 and 4 - $50.000. The total investment amount is $66.000 now.

Step 2 - Trading and Allocation

Manager trades with the invested money for that long as indicated in the offer. For example for 2 months.

He manages to gain 40% of the amount of initial investment or $26.400. The total amount is $92.400 now. Let’s see how this profit is divided among investors:
Investor 1 (Account Manager): $2.000
Investor 2: $400
Investor 3: $4.000$
Investor 4: $20.000

Step 3 - Distribution of Profit/Loss

Investors pay manager the definite percentage of the profit. It is stipulated by the offer. For example, 20%.

Let’s look what each party gets after expiration of the investment period:
Manager 1: $5.000 + $2.000 + $80 + $800 + $4.000 = $11.880
Investor 2: $1.000 + $400 - $80 = $1.320
Investor 3: $10.000 + $4.000 - $800 = $13.200
Investor 4: $50.000 + $20.000 - $4.000 = $66.000

Estimated time to become an Investor or a Manager is 90 seconds

Don't take our word for it

Thousands of investors and hundred of managers have succeeded with our program

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Investors earn

This is a fantastic money managing system, both from an ease of use and higher levels of flexibility. A truly investment vehicle that allows anyone the opportunity to invest without having to trade the markets themselves. - Michael1980, Investor

AM Broker provides a unique feature that allows funds managers to create, test and analyze expert advisors without programming. With such a powerful system, it is much easier to earn additional revenue for the successful management of client funds. - Calyin_Trading, Manager

Account Types

PAMM and Social accounts differ in how they actually function, but all essentially allow for someone to manage multiple accounts from one master account.

PAMM Account
stands for
Profit Allocation Module
  • Method: Egalitarian method whereby investor funds are pooled and profits distributed according to contribution mode.
  • Structure: Single managed account with all investor funds aggregated.
  • Withdrawal: Different settings allowed for Managers
  • Distribution of profit/loss: At the end of the trading period as agreed with the account manager.
  • Minimum deposit: $1.000
Social Account
stands for
Multi Account Copier
  • Method: Investors copy the manager's transactions into their accounts and can close them at any time. They can also trade on their own account
  • Structure: Multiple accounts
  • Withdrawal: Any time
  • Distribution of profit/loss: Different settings allowed for Managers.
  • Minimum deposit: depending on managers

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